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Research Center for Sustainability and Environment

Professor Satoshi ICHIKAWA
Male Birth of Year / 1960

”Graduating School
1983 Graduated from Course 1, Department of Science, Faculty of Education, Kyoto University of Education
1985 Completed Specialization in Science Education, Graduate School of Education, Kobe University
1989 Quitting Doctoral Program in Subject Pedagogy, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University

”Record of Career
01/1990 - 06/1994 Japan Environment Association
07/1994 - 12/1994 Collaborative Researcher, Science Education Research Center, National Institute for Educational Research
01/1995 - 03/1999 Assistant Professor, Naruto University of Education

”Academic Degree

M.Ed (03/1985 Kobe University)
Ph.D (03/2015 Nihon University)

”Research Field

Environmental Education

”Research Theme

  • Environmental Education Curriculum Development (Keyword: Environmental Education, Curriculum, Development)

”Research History

  • Joint/Contracted Research to be expected
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  • Research Presentations
  • Record of Researches(other activities)
  • Intellectual Property Right

”Academic Society Affiliations
Center for Environmental Information Science (Scientific Organization), Japan Society for Science Education, The Japanese Society of Environmental Education, Japan Society of Earth Science Education, Japan Outdoor Education Society, Society of Japan Science Teaching

yResearch ActivitieszThe research on Eco-School as a framework to address the integrated approach of environmental education and environmental learning in the whole school and the local community is conducted on a practical base. In addition, development of the experiential environmental education programs and the environmental education leaders training curriculums are also practiced. yEducational ActivitieszIn Environmental Education Course, Faculty of Education, practice programs of experiential environmental education, lecture on Environmental Education, and instruction on graduation thesis are conducted. Lecture and research guidance in Special Course of Environmental Education, Graduate School are also performed. ySocial ActivitieszCollaborator for preparation of Environmental Education Teaching Handout, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology ( For Junior High School ) / Councilor, Center for Environmental Information Science / Member of Nature Experiential Environmental Education Promotion Council (Tokushima Prefecture Board of Education) / Eco-School Review Committee Member (Environmental Policy Department, Lake Biwa Environment Division, Shiga Prefecture)