Project Research, Research Center for Sustainability and Environment
FY 2005
Sustainable Society and Environmental Governance

1. Policy on Basin / Environment and Governance

Japan and South Korea Comparative Study of Watershed Management Policy in Lake Biwa - Yodo River Basin and Nakdong River Basin of South Korea

2. Transformation of Production / Life Space

Research on Traditional Livelihood in Waterfront Eco-tone and Transformation of Commons
Japan and South Korea Comparative Study on Transformation of Local Life Space and Residential Space

3. Life Environment and Risk / Crisis Management

An Industry-Government-Academia Collaborative Study on Safe and Secure Rice Farming Technology
Research and Activity Concerning Formation of Disaster Mitigation Network

4. Environmental Education: Practice and Possibility

Research on Development of Cognition about Environment among Children in Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Junior High School and Their Environmental Learning
Development of Nature Experiential Type Environmental Education Using Campus
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