Project Research, Research Center for Sustainability and Environment
Development of a Teaching Material and a Program for Succession of Food Culture in Shiga
Sustainable Community Development in the Lake Biwa-Echi River Watershed
Development of Teaching material for Education of Food and Agriculture Using Woody Biomass of Local Origin(Shiga)
What do young children learn about nature in the "Forest Kindergarten" ?
Evaluation of Characteristics in Traditional Vegetables of Shiga and Establishment of their Productive Techniques for Environmental Protection and Quality Improvement
Do Mix the National Sanatorium Oshima Seishoen some Circumstances
Shared Reality and Mutual Aid in Local Communities
Disaster Risk Reduction for Area Activation and Sustainable Development on Shiga Prefecture
Survey and Regional Research about Traditional Manufacturing Industry(Traditional Crafts) in Shiga Prefecture
New Course Materials on Environmental Ethics
Study on Reuse and Recycling of Textiles based on the Traditional Japanese Clothing Life
City Sustainability: How can we measure and accomplish it?
Environmental Arrangement for Children who are in need of Social Care: Focusing on Various Factors related to the Career Choice
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