Project Research, Research Center for Sustainability and Environment
Evaluation of Characteristics in Traditional Vegetables of Shiga and Establishment of their Productive Techniques for Environmental Protection and Quality Improvement
Disaster Risk Reduction in Shiga Prefecture from the Viewpoint of Education for Sustainable Development
Sustainable community development in the Lake Biwa-Echi River Watershed
Development of Lake Biwa study through fishery experiential learning
Effective utilization of big data on the risk communication
Sanatorium Communication
Study on Reuse and Recycling of Textiles based on the Traditional Japanese Clothing Life
City Sustainability: Development of Assessment Indicators and Implementation of Sustainability Education
Environmental arrangement for children who are in need of social care: Focusing on various factors related to the career choice
A study on the natural environment of preschool grounds
Development of a program of disaster prevention education by taking advantage of local resources
Time Series Analysis of Solar Power Data and its applications
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