Lake Brief Guidelines and their Application to Case Study Lakes

Analysis of the state of basin governance for the case study lakes, with regard to ILBM, begins with the development of a ‘Lake Brief,’ with wide stakeholder participation. The Guidelines are being continuously revised in the Working Group Meetings. In selecting case study lakes being subjected to the Guidelines, a variety of factors were taken into account, including the regional balance in lake distribution, lake and lake basin characteristics, basin management issues and challenges, etc.

Lecture at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

ILBM Workshops

The Workshops being organized in this project include the following three types:

Type 1: Consultative workshop for preparation of lake briefs
Type 2: Stakeholder workshop for preparation/revision of individual lake briefs
Type 3: Workshop on the use of ILBM Training Module for improving lake basin governance

basin governance, using the ILBM training module

At JICA office in Katmandu Workshop at Pune (India) Field visit to Lago de Chapala (Mexico)

ILBM Training Module

The ILBM Training Module was developed during the course of conducting the JICA-supported ILBM Training Course implemented by ILEC over the past years, with support from individuals and organizations in the Lake Biwa region, including those with a major role in this project. The Training Module reflects the outputs of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) / World Bank project, “Towards a Lake Basin Management Initiative (LBMI).” Each Module chapter introduces the main ideas of the relevant chapters of the GEF-LBMI Report, complemented by PowerPoint presentations. Associated with each chapter are several case examples relevant to its main messages. The Module is being continuously improved to become more useful for a wide range of stakeholder groups, including NGOs and citizen groups. The current version of the Training Module is available at

Fish farming in the Kenya Reservoir (Malaysia) Field visit to Lake Chini (Malaysia) Field visit to Lake Chini basin (Malaysia)
The Training Module will continuously be refined. As for the Workshop Types, those held in Nepal (Lakes Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas), the Philippines (Laguna de Bay), and the northwestern part of Russia (Lakes Ladoga, Chudskoe (Peipsi), and Ilmen) were of Type 1. Those held in India (Lakes Hussain Sagar and Ujjani) and Malaysia (Lakes Chini, Bukit Merah and other lakes) were of Type 2. Those held in Mexico (Lago de Chapala) were of Type 3. The number of request for Type3 workshop to be conducted by LPTs with the participation of this project’s core group members (CGMs) is increasing. The details of the workshop programs and outputs are attached under item Nos. 5, 6, and 7 in Annex. The Training Module need to be continually refined by LPTs to suit the local needs in promoting ILBM.
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