Field investigation in Lago de Chapala (Mexico)


Distant view of Lake Suwa (Nagano Prefecture) Village meeting on the coast of Ujjani Reservoir (India)

While water resources and water environment issues have intensified globally, the progress of gbasin governance researchh has been quite remarkable. One of the major sources of information on the progress of such research at present is the World Water Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, generally held in fall every year. Some of the most important discussions influencing global water policy also take place during this Symposium. The subject areas of interest to this research project during the past years of Symposium include such topical subjects as:

  • Conflicts over water, and water to solve conflicts;
  • Sustainable water management practices and adoption of new and innovative approaches;
  • Water for growth, development and poverty alleviation;
  • Transboundary water analysis of rivers, lakes, groundwaters, large marine ecosystems and the oceans;
  • Progress and prospects on water and sanitation;
  • The challenge of improved global freshwater governance;
  • Environmental flows and human well-being;
  • Adaptation strategies in water management under climate change threats;
  • Ecosystem services: An economic approach to water conservation;
  • Integrated river basin management (IRBM)

Lake Suwa coastal restoration project (Nagano Prefecture)


Distant view of fishing boat in Lake Shinji (Shimane Prefecture) Lake Phewa (Nepal)
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