Workshop in Hyderabad (India)

To manage lake basins effectively, the meaning of lake basin governance must be well understood by basin stakeholders. The Lake Briefs to be prepared by the LTPs, together with information contained in existing reports on lake basin management experiences and lessons learned, and in the World Lake Database, will help increase understanding of the meaning of lake basin governance, thereby helping meet its challenges.
Wide-ranging sources of quantitative and qualitative information need to be integrated into various forms of knowledge base, each serving for its specific purpose. Two approaches are currently being pursued. One is the development of the ILBM Training Module, as introduced in Box 2. The other is development of the interactive information search and display system called gLearning Acceleration and Knowledge Enhancement Systemh (LAKES). LAKES has been refined over several years, in cooperation with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.

Workshop in Hyderabad (India) Workshop in Pune (India)  
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