Activities similar to those conducted during FY 2009 will continue in FY 2010. These comprise the core group activities, working group activities, and LPT activities, all to be conducted during FY 2010. During the latter half of FY 2010, it will be necessary to emphasize the verification of contents for the knowledge base system, which has been given considerable importance in the activities of the past three years. Actual application of the knowledge base system for domestic and foreign lake basin management also is an important activity. After verifying the results in FY 2009, the second stage of the knowledge base system will be consigned to external parties. The GIS Working Group will continue to create a map of concrete examples in which lake basin governance efforts have been performed. With respect to activities regarding foreign lakes, the results obtained in FY 2009 will be appropriately reflected in activities undertaken in FY 2010. With regard to activities involving domestic lakes, the opinions of PLTs regarding example lakes, done in collaboration with the project during FY 2009, must be sufficiently reflected on activities in FY 2010. The collection of data and information to clarify the relationships between existing governance activities at Shiga University, the University of Shiga Prefecture, and lake basin governance research, in addition to research collaboration related to lake examples, will be requested to undertake efforts to include new tasks, while also verifying progress made in FY 2009. With regard to the Basin Policy Research Forum, in which the basin policy research group of the School of Environmental Science, University of Shiga Prefecture, plays a dominant role, an attempt will be made to reflect the results obtained in the forum activities in the knowledge base, while also maintaining excellent cooperative relations. The results obtained in the annual review meeting at the end of FY 2009 will be used as important inputs for the FY 2010 activity plan.
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