Review Meeting Hat-Yai, Thailand (2011/3/2-3/5)

* Review of the ILBM-G meeting and Draft Guidelines for ILBM Platform Development

* Presentation on Songkla Lake Basin Management by PSU

* Malaysia

* Philippine

* Kenya

* Nepal

Final Review Meeting and International Symposium, Kusatsu, Japan

* Report of Final Review Meeting and International Symposium

    1. Report of Review Meeting and International Symposium


* Keynote Presentations

yILBM Conceptz

    1. ILBM Nakamura_ Final Review Meeting 2010.11 PPT

yICPRB, Schultzz

    1. ICPRB_Nov7 - R PPT


* ILBM Focal-point Presentations

yEast Africa, Lake Victoriaz


yIndian Lakesz

    1. ILBM impact story - Udaipur's Ecological Restoration of Ahar River using Green Bridge Technology _2_
    2. Indian Experiences of Integrated Lentic-Lotic Basin Management PPT
    3. Ujjani Reservoir - A World Lake Vision Candidate - Waiting for Restoration

yLake Biwaz

    1. HirowakiLakeBiwaYodoRiverBasin.pdf

yMalaysian Lakesz

    1. 3_ILEC_MALAYSIA_Presentation-Lakes_2010 PPT
    2. NAHRIM_Synthesis_ReportSummary220910_shah

yMexico Chapala and Riversz

    1. ILBM_Network_Chapala_Mexico PPT
    2. Lake brief-Lake Chapala_ Mexico
    3. Lake Chapala-ILBM Brief PPT
    4. Monitoring system orf ILBM PPT

yN. American TB Lakesz


yNepal Himalayan Lakesz

    1. ILBM implementation for the Sustainability of Himalayan Lakes PPT
    2. ILBM Implementation for the Sustainability of Himalayan Lakes_Nepal
    3. Study of Himalayan Lakes in Nepal

yPhilippine Lakesz

    1. ACSBorja_Impact_Story_1
    2. ACSBorja_Impact_Story_2
    3. ILBM_Philippines PPT
    4. Lake Lanao Brief 27102010

yRussian Three Lakesz

    1. Russian lakes


* Thematic Presentations

yAustralian ICAz

    1. Water_Reform_in_Australia PPT, Kondo

yLake Biwa Fisheryz

    1. The Impacts to Lake Biwa Fisheries PPT

yLaos Livelihoodz

    1. Livelihood, Diet, Nutrition in Laos Abstract, Horikoshi
    2. Livelihood, Diet, Nutrition in Laos PPT, Horikoshi


    1. Watershed PES and ILBM_Lin_101101(final)
    2. Watershed PES and ILBM_Lin_101103(final appendix)

yThai Mountain Tribal Environmental Educationz

    1. Extended Abstract-Thailand
    2. Participatory Aquatic Envi Thailand PPT, Chitchol

yLakeBiwa Monitoringz

    1. Lake_Biwa_WQ_Monitoring_Hirayama PPT


* International Symposium

yKeynote Presentationz

    1. ICPRB PPT, Schults, in Japanese
    2. ICPRB PPT, Shultz

yRoundtable Discussionz

    1. ASIAN_LAKES_7NOV PPT_ E_ Lennie-SB
    2. ASIAN_LAKES_7NOV PPT_ J_ Lennie-SB

yPanel Discsussionz

* Australian Water Reform, Kondo

  1. Australian Water Reform PPT, Kondo, in Japanese

* Baltic Sea and Aral PPT, Aladin

  1. Baltic Sea and Aral PPT, Aladin
  2. Baltic Sea and Aral PPT, Aladin, in Japanese
* Biwa-Yodo Basin Management Challenges, Hirowaki
  1. Toward Integrated Basin Management in Biwa-Yodo, PPT, Hirowaki (Sawada)

* ILBM Geospatial Analysis, Ballatore

  1. ILBM Geospatial Analysis PPT, Ballatore

* ILBM Subbasin Network, Mexico

* Korean Water Reform, Lee

  1. Water Use Charge System and RBM in Korea PPT, Lee

* Lake Victoria

  1. L.Victoria PPT, Matano
  2. L.Victoria PPT, Matano, in Japanese

* North American TB Cooperation, Rast

  1. North American TB Cooperation PPT, Rast
  2. North American TB Cooperation PPT, Rast, in Japanese
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