Remains of Ancient Bridge at River Mouth of Lake Ilmen (Russia) Lake Phewa (Nepal)

This Forum takes the form of salon-style discussions on many aspects of river and lake basin governance challenges. Its participants include experts representing a wide range of disciplines. Some of the subject areas covered include: (1) global warming and agriculture; (2) diminishing phosphorus resources and the effects on lake water quality management; (3) payment for watershed services (PWS) as an approach to lake basin management; (4) prevailing and past policies and problems on basin management and water resources management; and (5) laws and policies pertaining to river and lake basin management.
Apart from such thematic subjects, a range of governance challenges facing Lake Biwa and its watershed also are discussed , particularly with respect to dealing with increasing threats of climate change, micro-pollutants, and participatory decision-making over the entire lake basins, particular with regard to balancing the competing upstream and downstream needs in relation to flood control, water resources management and environmental and ecosystem conservation and restoration.

a. Problems concerning Lake Biwa and other lakes in Japan
b. Problems with the Yodo River System
(particularly discussion concerning the Lake Biwa-Yodo River Basis Committee)
c. Problems in Japan (movement toward reform of water-related systems, for example)
d. Problems concerning water and lake basin governance around the world

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