River flowing into Kenyir Reservoir (Malaysia) Lake Nakaumi
(Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture)
Lake Ilmen (Russia) River flowing into Kenyir Reservoir (Malaysia)
The Remote Sensing/Geographic Information System Expert Group (RS/GIS-EG) was established to develop visual images of lake basin governance issues and challenges. Preparation of different sets of RS/GIS images for each of the case study lake basins is underway by the EG. The EG also is exploring various technological and analytical possibilities of RS/GIS application. Examples have been elaborated with the application of new technologies to resolve some of the governance challenges facing Lake Kyoga (Uganda), Great Salt Lake (USA), Laguna de Bay (Philippines), and Lake Nakuru (Kenya). The EG also is working to identify low-cost RS/GIS tools for use in developing countries, as well as the development of a tutorial for the latest RS/GIS technology.@
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