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Annual Review Meeting in 2008 (Kusatsu, Japan) Open International Forum in 2008 (Kusatsu, Japan)
The Annual Review Meetings consists of two parts. The first is a Summarizing Expert Group Meeting, and the second is an international symposium.
Summarizing Expert Group Meeting (SEGMs)j
Focusing on areas and topics for which activities were pursued during each of the fiscal years, the ongoing ILBM case study accomplishments and challenges are shared by participating members, including Core Members and Local Project Team members. For all ILBM case studies, the ongoing studies seem to indicate a very encouraging sign of ILBM becoming an indispensable conceptual framework for meeting the global challenges toward achieving sustainability in the management of lentic water systems. The Meetings, however, raised a number of research issues to be addressed, as well as future challenges in widely promoting ILBM. In particular, it became clear that there is urgent need to expand the scope of ILBM to deal with transboundary and transmedia issues ii.e., linkage with rivers, groundwaters, large marine ecosystems and the oceansj, as well as the emerging issues of climate change and sanitation. These issues are currently being explored toward the completion of this project.
International Forum
The purpose of the International Forum is to widely share research outputs with researchers in other water, environment, and governance research fields, as well as with the general public, the latter being not as well acquainted with the subject. In the first and third year, in addition to the presentations of global ILBM experiences, particular emphasis is placed on presentations on a wide ranging thematic and interdisciplinary issues of lake basin governance facing the Lake Biwa Basin and the Lake Biwa Yodo River Basin, Japan.
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